An initial visit is arranged to know in detail the condition of the farm. A complete and holistic report will be prepared to estimate the potential of the land/animals, the needs of the farmer, and the necessary requirements to apply the technologies and/or the improvements. We customize our services according to the possibilities and to the expansion capacity.


An essential part of the any farm is its solid foundation in terms of its reproductive production. Males and females contribute to a successful and efficient reproductive program. Bionova Livestock Group is the pioneer in advanced commercial reproductive procedure in the Philippines.


One of the most important aspect of farming that a producer must concentrate. Good nutrition is an event turner in production. A good foundation and strategic nutritional program for cattle must be opted for optimum results.


Livestock sector is an integral part of the Philippines’ animal industry and it plays a significant role in national food security by providing nutritious protein-rich products like milk, egg and meat. However the the productivity of livestock is compromised due to diseases that causes huge economic losses. Health program must be properly implement to prevent this.


Bionova has partnered with Afimilk from Israel, the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management. Whether farmers are upgrading existing parlors or building new ones, we have the solution.