Ultrasound technology is a non-invasive and non destructive tool that can be used on cattle. Ultrasonography utilizes high frequency sound waves to produce images of tissues and internal organs. Fetal ageing, both early and late gestation.


Female Pre-breeding Examination

This involves the evaluation of cyclic activity, identification of anestrous condition, and pathophysiological analysis of the reproductive tract. Analysis of the relationship between current body condition score and reproductive condition will also be done by Bionova.

Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Pregnancy

This program determines whether or not the cow is pregnant or empty from day 28 to 30 after insemination or natural mating/breeding. This service allows us to determine empty cows and schedule the next breeding period, minimizing the open days.

Early Identification of Sex in Embryos

This service provides sex detection, whether male or female, in embryos, from day 55 until day 70 to 80 of pregnancy. Detection can be very useful in dairy farms who plan in advance the offspring and the reposition rate of females. This technique is also important to schedule the destination of males.