Fixed Time
Embryo Transfer

Fixed Time Embryo Transfer (FTET) is a technology that entails collecting embryos from a donor and transferring them to a synchronized surrogate to complete the gestation period.

Stage A: Selection by Ultrasound

All cows who will undergo the FTET program will undergo an evaluation. This will help Identify the cows able to be induced with hormones and to have an embryo transference afterwards.. Ovarian structures and body condition score will be evaluated and we will confirm how many cows present anestrous condition.

Stage B: Hormonal Treatment

All qualified cows will them be subjected to hormonal treatment. Using a combination of hormones – heats and ovulations will be synchronized and also, this will help a good preparatory stage for the uterus prior the embryo transfer.

Stage C: Transference Procedure

After hormonal procedure, this will now proceed to the transference period. This stage involves the transfer of embryo to the uterus of the surrogate cow.

Stage D: Diagnosis by Ultrasound

Cows that have been subjected to the FTET program, will proceed to the early pregnancy diagnosis. A real time and live use of ultrasound is done to check if it’s positive for pregnancy.