Fixed Time
Artificial Insemination

Fixed Time Artificial Insemination is a reproductive method that uses precise tools to increase the overall genetic merit of the cattle. It is a viable technology in every cattle farm as it decreases the infertility of the female by being able to induce and synchronize the estrus and ovulation in postpartum pregnancy.

Stage A: Selection by Ultrasound

All cows who will undergo the FTAI program will undergo an evaluation. This will help Identify the cows able to be induced with hormones and to be inseminated after the treatment. Ovarian structures and body condition score will be evaluated and we will confirm how many cows present anestrous condition.

Stage B: Hormonal Treatment

All qualified cows will them be subjected to hormonal treatment. Using a combination of hormones – heats and ovulation will be synchronized to have a better chances of high pregnancy rates without the need of heat detection.

Stage C: Insemination Procedure

As soon as the cows are in heat and synchronized, they will be subjected to Artificial Insemination (AI) procedure. This is the main way of reproduction without the use of a live bull.

Stage D: Diagnosis by Ultrasound

28 to 30 days after insemination, the inseminated cows can be identified if already pregnant. Real time ultrasound will be used to give early and accurate pregnancy diagnosis than rectal palpation


High Genetic Quality


Increased Pregnancy Rate


Shorter Calving Season


Reduce Postpartum Anoestrous


AI Herd Commits to Synchronization Over Time


Generates High Economic Return/Profit