Turnkey Dairy Projects

Bionova takes on holistic handling and provides solutions for interested dairy farmers. Technology plays a vital role in answering dairy farmers’ needs to boost their milk supply. We provide thorough assistance for the technology transfer which enables the farmers to take charge in handling complex dairy farm activities.

In partnership with Afimilk, the leading provider of dairy farming technology, we offer the latest technology and advanced turnkey solutions which suit the needs of the farm.


Pre-feasibility Study 
Survey if the main characteristics and technical aspects of the proposed project, including a rough economic evaluation of the required investment and of the main economic indicators of the project.

Feasibility Study
Examining and outline all elements and resources required for a throrough evaluation of the professional, technical and economic and financial aspects of the project. The feasibility study provides a complete overview of the planned project, including an approximate estimation of the require investment and of the main economic indicators for the project.

Master plan
Design and allocate all project structures on a topographic site map.

Detailed Architectural Plans
Provide detailed designs of project buildings and structures required to execute the building process.


Construction Management
Organize and control the entire construction process: schedule teams, oversee budget, manage logistics; supervise performance.

Equipment Procurement
Select qualified suppliers; prepare detailed quotations; negotiate with suppliers; prepare equipment purchases, orders and contracts.

Supply Milking Center Equipment
Customize and install Afimilk components and AfiFarm software.

Professional & Technical Support
Select livestock, import initial herd, plan and provide agronomic support for field crops, train local teams.


Project Management
Offer top-quality, experienced, professional key personnel: farm manager, veterinary manager, field crop manager, feed center manager, milk-processing plant manager.

Training & Technology Transfer
Conduct training for managers and workers; plan organizational structures; detail protocols for basic farm-related procedures.

Professional & Technical Support
Coordinate and manage regular visits by experts in specific areas: herd health, nutrition, animal husbandry, laboratory setup.