Milking Parlor Automation

This is a comprehensive system used, including the Inline Milk Lab, AfiAct II and AfiFarm. All are orchestrated to provide fast solutions for a milking parlor setup to the farm.

Milk Meter & Milk Analyzer

Managed by AfiFarm dairy farm management software, data is used for earlier detection of health problems and nutritional deficits, better control over milk quality and improvement of the entire milking environment for precision milking.

Sort Cows Separation System

The AfiSort automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically selecting and scheduling cows for treatment. The system also diverts cows to treatment areas according to the type of attention they require.

Automatic Weighing System

In the form of automated scales, the AfiWeigh system gauges the cows’ body weight enroute from the milking parlour. The system also evaluates eligibility for breeding, efficiency of feed intake and post-partum problems reflected in body condition.