Representing Bionova in the 22nd Dairy Congress and Exposition

Last March 27 to 29, 2020, Bionova Livestock Group’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Alfonso Serrano took part in the 22nd Dairy Congress and Expo event held in the Development Academy of the Philippines in  Tagaytay City, Cavite. 

This annual event was organized by the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines (DairyCon), along with the National Dairy Authority (NDA), and Katipunan ng Kooperatibong Manggagatas Integrated (KKMI) which ran with the collective theme of “Strengthening of Partnerships for Sustainable Dairy Development.” 

Its attendees came from several parts of Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao, the majority of which are dairy farmers and cattle raisers of an estimate of 500 people with the goal of learning more about the modern biotechnologies and developments in cattle raising.

Notable lecturers from renowned industry representatives such as the NDA administrator herself, Marilyn M. Mabale, who covered her agencies’ achievements, plausible partnerships, and its 10-year development plan to cater to the NDA’s initiatives. 

The Embassy of Canada was another renowned body present during the conference which spoke about their insights and shared knowledge on implemented policies and efficient technologies that boost cattle livestock genetics in local agriculture.

Bionova’s Footprint on the Dairy Roadmap in the Philippines

Mr. Serrano took to the stage the company’s parallel vision on providing substantial transformation to the agriculture industry via innovative solutions. By instilling sustainable growth practices in beef and dairy production, we contribute to finding new ways to strengthen sustainable dairy development in the country as promoted by the event. 

He introduces the advantages of Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) and its beneficial impact in improving genetics, herd performance, and increased fertility rates in animals. FTAI was introduced as a plausible approach that can play a crucial role in providing organization and strategy during the milking season of animals, providing ease and positive outcomes for dairy farmers. 

Scrapping Ample Time on Heat Detection

Bionova’s CTO also touched on animal health management approaches and how the conventional method of Artificial Insemination is the most common practice in breeding dairy farm animals. He further elaborated on conventional yet inept factors that halt potential and capacity in herd productivity.

Heat detection was highlighted in which the process detects the natural time of cattle that goes into heat, determining the best time to perform the insemination, however, with AI, farmers will not have to depend on heat detection as FTAI eliminates this common aspect. Instead, this approach induces the animal to go into heat, making it highly effective to control, monitor, and program animals for breeding, making it easier for dairy farmers to perform daily tasks of maintaining the milk production supply on a monthly basis.

The event closed with a certificate of speakership and participation presented to Mr. Serrano by notable representatives from the Development Academy of the Philippines on the last day of the event, March 27, 2019.

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