Hormones & Veterinary Supplies

Veterinary supplies, apparatus, hormones and supplies for synchronization of heats and artificial insemination are offered in our product brochure. We offer wide range of products for your farm.

Hormones & Supplies

We offer the hormones for synchronization of heat and ovulation, CIDR (Progesterone Releasing Devise),and gonadotropin releasing hormone, progesterone.

Supply for Reproduction

Hormones for estrus, heat synchronization and ovulation are offered here. We design the most effective breeding program for your herd, looking for the improvement and the effectiveness, groups of cows and heifers come into heat and can be bred in a narrow window (FTAI).

Veterinary Supplies

Bionova is a One Stop Shop for all your farm’s needs especially for your farm’s animal health. We are offering a wide range of products like injectables vitamins, vaccines, supplements, mineral blocks and veterinary supplies.