We have a selection of dairy and beef genetics suited for tropical conditions. Those sires have been selected based on profit indexes customized for the local market. Our genetics from New Zealand, Australia and United States are based on world class progeny test and genomic technology.

Conventional Semen

The most common kind of semen used in the farm. Offspring to be male or female with 50/50 chances.

Sexed Semen

A type of semen having X or Y bearing sperm to produce a desired sex whether male or female, with about 90% accuracy.

Conventional Semen

The sex is not determined. There is a 50/50 chances to have a male or a female progeny.

Sexed Embryos

These are the embryos that have been pre-determined sexually, it can present whether male or female gender. The pre-determination whether it can be male or female can produce a better strategy in the farmer’s strategy.