#NowGrowingCattleRaisers: Introducing New Cattle Care Solutions to Masbatenos

July 10, 2019 — Held in the Municipal Hall of Milagros in the Masbate province, Bionova held its very own seminar with participants from all over the province and from other parts of the Philippines attended. The event was sponsored by Mayor Naty Magbalon, along with Bionova’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Alfonso Serrano, and a resident Masbateno, JP Dimen who assisted the team throughout the event. A bulk of the attendees included ranch staff, ranch owners, personnel and figures from local government units, and technicians in the beef industry. 

Masbate province is hailed as the CattleCapital of the Philippines, renowned as one of the few parts of the Philippines that focus on cow-calf and beef operations. However, like many other cattle breeding provinces in the country, it lacks access to information, technicians, modern tools, and technologies that aid in achieving productivity in cattle raising. 

Introducing Fixed Artificial Insemination (FTAI) 

With this at hand, Bionova Livestock Group was invited to speak in the Masbate Rodeo event, which was a golden opportunity that sprung from a close partnership with the event’s organizer. The seminar was led by Dr. Ix Binayug, Bionova’s lead veterinarian, who led with a comprehensive talk that touched on the company’s core services. 

He shed light on what modern technologies and proper farm management techniques could do for herd productivity, highlighting Bionova’s highly regarded service, the Fixed Artificial Insemination (FTAI) program. The talk aimed to provide its main audience, cattle ranch owners, several new-age solutions that they may incorporate in achieving long term farm productivity in Masbate, while also maintaining their title of “Cattle Capital of the Philippines” well and alive.

Openness to New Possibilities

The seminar also paved a way for its attendees to seek direct answers from the event’s key speaker, Dr. Binayug through the open forum. An open discussion on natural breeding practices of the attendees’ herds was tackled, which shed light on the need for modern biotech in places that show potential in productive cattle raising like Masbate. 
In its core, Bionova’s representation in providing innovative solutions in cattle care gave locals, ranch owners, ranch staff, and even LGU personnel, a basic understanding of how to be better cattle raisers and farm owners, while fostering the spirit of Bayanihan in the Filipino cattle community, thus forging towards a movement that boasts long term growth and viable means of productivity. #NowGrowingCattleRaisers

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