Knowledge Sharing with Students at Tarlac Agricultural University

March 16, 2019 – in the province of Tarlac, Bionova took part in Tarlac Agricultural University’s Equine Cases Presentation & Applications of Reproductive Biotechnologies in the Cattle seminar. The event was a knowledge sharing session where junior and senior veterinary clinicians, Masters, and Ph.D. students attended to learn more about Bionova’s best cattle practices and modern biotech services being adapted in the Philippines. 

The event was led by the team’s resident veterinarian, Dr. Ix Binayug, and Bionova’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Alfonso Serrano, who presented case studies on Equine Medicine, and the Applications of Reproductive Biotechnology in the country, respectively.

Importance of Equine Medicine 

The first presentation by Dr. Binayug dwelled on the specific fracture cases in horses, metabolic problems, splints, trauma, and foot issues, as well as the best possible approaches to treating such factors affecting good body condition in animals. Large animal and equine medicine is a specific branch of veterinary science that deals with the anatomy and physiology of horses, cows, bulls, and other animals with the same size. 

A certain level of precision and approach in this type of animal care is widely practiced in the Philippines, but is often overlooked and lack thorough knowledge of basic care and maintenance. Bionova’s resident vet took to the stage a general approach to diagnosing and treating large animals such as horses while breaking down the common breeds of horses in the Philippines. Dr. Binayug also presented case studies on common diseases found in horses, followed by the treatment plan and proper medical approaches used in addressing such. He advised aspiring veterinarians not to forget to touch on the broad spectrum of equine medicine, and the value of relying on presented clinical results when arriving at a diagnosis. 

There was also a portion of Dr. Binayug’s presentation wherein he openly shared some tips and his personal experience when preparing for the veterinarian’s licensure exam, which garnered some allure from the students who were preparing for their boards themselves. 

Applications of Reproductive Biotechnology

Mr. Serrano followed suit and presented on the applications of reproductive biotech which started with an introduction of the way reproductive biotech has evolved over time. He touched on plausible techniques that he’s personally worked with successfully, namely the usage of ultrasound for reproduction, and Bionova’s Fixed Time Artificial Insemination while analyzing the huge contrast in results versus when using the heat detection method. Bionova’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) also tackled the step by step process on how to safely adapt these processes in achieving successful cattle pregnancies.   

Inspiring Positive Change in New Age Animal Care and Services

The talks aimed to inspire young and future veterinarians and animal practitioners to get a bigger picture of the modern approaches when achieving sustainable animal care practices in a rather overlooked industry. As the Philippines continue to work towards developing responsible animal care practitioners and veterinarians, it is not lost to many young people pursuing the field that some practices remain traditional, thus the significant role modern reproductive technologies play in achieving better animal health management and care approaches. Bionova was able to shed light on the realities of the livestock industry in the country while grabbing the opportunity to present sustainable and forward-thinking ways to provide a livelihood for the Filipino farmers who feed the nation.

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