Farm Assessment & Recommendation (FAR)

An initial visit is arranged to know in detail the condition of the farm. Then a comprehensive report will be prepared to provide insights and recommendations for a more efficient farm operation.


We will provide a comprehensive set of findings and diagnostics, an interpretation of results and proposed solutions and recommendations to help speed up the progress of your farm.


Farm Monitoring

Farms that underwent the farm assessment and evaluation and unable to attain a particular level of performance will be recommended to get a proper farm maintenance and monitoring period. In this period, the objective is give a proper attention on handling each of the aspects of farm managing.

Remarks: The overall level of performance of the farm based on the evaluation has conclude that the animal health and reproduction are in bad conditions. Therefore, we are recommending a 3-month period of rehabilitation with us and we will provide your farm a proper guidance to monitor the progress of each aspects.

Disclaimer: The figures shown are not actual results. It is intended solely for information purposes. The time period and costs may vary from case-by-case basis.