#DailyDairyDiary: Going the Extra Mile with Afimilk and Immunity Plus

The Philippines has time and again struggled to establish a strong presence in the local dairy market. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the work towards increasing consumer preference for fresh milk, along with the effort to streamline local dairying capabilities to a pause. In such unprecedented times, 2020 could produce the lowest milk prices and a net-negative effect on dairy consumption among other elements of production. 

With a low milk production rate, dairy cattle farming continues to be an extensive issue due to poor management practices in the country. Bad genetics in cows is also another factor that can affect the whole production process of your herd in the long run. Through Bionova’s Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI), replacing a stagnant herd to a healthy one is a better alternative through Rumen Genetics Solutions’  Immunity Plus, along with Afimilk’s Aficollar. 

Better Herd Health with Immunity Plus

Breeds like Holstein and Jersey, two of the most popular breeds in the Philippines known for their strong capacity to produce high quantities of milk are commonly acquired for dairying.  Due to its high tolerance for Philippine weather, as well as its rapid growth rates and faster maturity in calves, these breeds are deemed the most optimal for small dairy cooperatives.  

However, despite high quantities and good quality milk produced, there is still a chance for Holstein and Jersey cows to become unproductive in their respective herds. Cue Immunity Plus, which could help in replacing unfit heads with high immune responding daughters. This way, better response to commercial vaccinations and higher quality colostrum production is achieved. Considering Immunity Plus as a plausible alternative will also lead to a robust resistance to all possible diseases your herd could get. Eventually, this would also establish a high reduction rate in diseases from 5-10% in just one generation.

AfiCollar as a More Viable Health Management Tool

There are a few other efficient dairy tools that can act as better long term mechanisms in determining long term success in your breeding season and farm maintenance. Just recently, Bionova has linked up with Afimilk with an expansive approach to bring AfiCollar, an advanced neck collar for monitoring herds in small and big dairy cooperatives in the Philippines. 

Each heifer or bull given this collar will be able to automatically collect data that tells accurate figures of heat detection, rumination, and eating time. This will also aid in monitoring the health of pregnant cows that have gone through FTAI. The AfiCollar boasts a feature that alerts farmers on the health conditions of each cow in the herd. Thus, paving a way for the farm to become better suited for Afimilk’s advanced systematic approaches to dairy farming.

#DailyDairyDiary: Documenting your Dairy Journey with Bionova

In welcoming new partnerships with Afimilk and Rumen Genetics Solutions, meeting the National Dairy Authority’s (NDA) vision for the country’s dairy industry becomes a more collaborative effort moving forward. The need to expand local milk production in the liquid milk market, not just in the bustling commercial sector in Metro Manila, but in the country as a whole becomes more essential.

Keeping track of what works best and what elements come to play when changing those of which don’t work is just as significant. Consistency is key and figuring out how can be tricky. However, with Rumen Genetics Solutions and Afimilk, spearheading a #DailyDairyDiary is all the more possible in diversifying and changing up an industry that continues to dwindle throughout its course.

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