Coping with the New Normal: Enacting Bionova's Recovery Plan

In light of a global pandemic and the conscious effort to deliver precise cattle care solutions, Bionova Livestock Group takes a leap forward in ensuring that its best practices are still in place throughout the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) in Luzon. With rising cases of COVID-19 affecting the daily lives of the average Filipino, come the unseen struggles of Pinoys making a living in feeding their fellow Filipinos. Ensuring that we meet the demands of both the cattle farmers and the consumers is the top priority despite the changing times. Bionova is set on giving its clients proper monitoring services with new mechanisms and protocols in place as dictated in the recovery action plan below.

Recovery Action Plan

Circumstances may appear rather different and movements may have been suspended but the surge continues in providing proper farm maintenance and cattle health monitoring while ensuring overall herd production fosters efficiency and profitability, especially in a time where your farm’s future hangs by a thread and a recovery plan manifests as a more viable investment. 

We acknowledge the issue of a shortage in manpower, veterinary assistance, and food sources (for cattle) due to certain logistical processes being disrupted throughout the lockdown period. With this at hand, Bionova remains focused on providing current and potential clients with the tools to help local farmers and cattle raisers keep their farms in shape during this adjustment period until normal operations resume again.

The goal to meet the demands of the small, medium and micro-enterprises remain intact, as we push past the boundaries and highlight Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) and conducive farm assessments as a means to cultivate cost-effective planning and viable production assessments. 

A Leap towards the Bigger Picture

Bionova Livestock Group ensures that these mechanisms present as feasible solutions to cattle raisers or existing piggery facilities looking to expand, as well as potential clients looking for services to uphold intensive yet effective cattle care. We hold the metrics to give you proper quality-assertive services, without forgetting demonstrative safety protocols vets and farming staff have to follow to ensure your health and safety are not compromised in the process. 

With Bionova’s solutions, close monitoring of farm status is just one of the initial assessments we can provide. We aim to help clients to eliminate risks during the ECQ that farmers and cattle raisers are currently facing during trying times. Bionova thrives in making successful attempts in helping you spend smarter when it comes to maintaining activities, while simultaneously adjusting productivity goals and assessing its current production status. 

To give you a full scope of what we can do for your farm, or how we can help you upgrade operations, take a look at our farm assessment and evaluation to see where your farm’s strengths lie in achieving productivity. Sort through the possible farm plans when you pass the assessment and opt for long-term impacts that will benefit you and your customers while maximizing your farm’s very potential. 

Adhering to Safety Standards

As part of the agriculture industry, Bionova Livestock Group is considered a core necessity in delivering services that help cattle farmers generate quality products for their consumers. Movements have been restricted, and tighter rules are still in place despite getting the green light to freely operate within proper health and safety measures. 

Some implemented safety measures include wearing proper protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and face shields, provision of alcohol, and a more thorough cleaning method using antiviral cleaners in farms. Farm visits have also restricted formal introductions through handshakes in order to lessen contact and avoid possible transmissions. However, we have made it a point to brace through the changing times or what many happen to believe as the “new normal.” 

Shoot us an email for a sample report!

As we make our way through these challenging times, we aim to prosper in the service of the Filipino people without jeopardizing the current and potential needs of our clients. Take the big leap forward and download a report to help us gauge the growth potential of your farm, or email us at for a copy of the sample report, along with further questions on how to move forward in your journey in cattle care with Bionova Livestock Group. 

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