Breed Better with Bionova through Rumen Genetics

Getting a tighter grasp on proper cattle care in the agriculture sector in the Philippines, whether it’s in beef or dairy operations, remains to be a challenge not only the industry is facing, but the country as a whole. Adapting to the best practices in creating sustainable and cost-effective ways to deliver well-regarded services, while obtaining an optimum level of productivity, has evolved into a model that the Bionova Livestock Group embodies to this day. 

Since opening its doors to various farmers from the dairy and beef cattle industry, it has stood firm on its ability to offer precise cattle care solutions with new-age biotech to further enhance the growth of local farms in the country. In its quest to improve quality in dairy and beef production, incorporate proper health management, and establish breeding synchronization in its services, Bionova continues not to shy away from being open to new partnerships. 

With Rumen Nutrition and Genetic Solutions forging its path towards the same goals and principles, Bionova upholds, venturing into the unknown that a global pandemic brings is more conquerable from a long term perspective.

Rumenating on Bigger Possibilities

Rumen Genetics Solutions prides itself as a top-grade semen straws provider that sells quality assured straw for beef, dairy, and cow-calf operations, but also offers nutritional sustenance from its premium feeds. In its allyship with Bionova Livestock, bolder attempts to produce upgraded offsprings by incorporating the best breeding practices are put forward. 

This partnership has also shed light on the option of providing genetic enhancement by a thorough selection of the best cattle with a history of successful breeding. The replacement of existing stocks by means of better genetics to produce upgraded offspring or improve the overall herd has paved a way for brighter solutions.

Streamlining the Most Optimal and Conducive Breeds

Making sure your cattle is up to par with quality standards is a must in the cattle business and simply just purchasing a healthy cow is not enough to yield the results you expect. When entering the Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) program, getting to know the genetic-makeup and breeding potential of your cattle plays a vital role in enhancing your chances of generating a proactive herd in the long run. Thus, Bionova’s effort in streamlining the most optimal and highly conducive breeds that would help beef and dairy farm raisers in reaching their topmost breeding potential. 

As we #KeepGrowing in our attempts to establish more viable mechanisms and adapt to new partnerships, Bionova also keeps in mind the synergy entailed when going the distance with like-minded individuals or groups. 

This newfound partnership with Rumen Genetics Solutions not only encourages farm raisers to #BreedBetterwithBionova, but it also creates a bigger sense of community in our collective journey towards establishing an inventive yet reliable cattle industry in the country.

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