Bionova’s First Livestreaming Event: The Upcoming Golden Age of the Beef Industry

05 December 2020 – Bionova Livestock Group held its first live-streaming event and second NGCR webinar titled “The Upcoming Golden Age of the Beef Industry: Why and How Should We Prepare for it?” Dr. Ix Binayug and Elly Felizarta hosted the two-hour online event. 

This year’s webinar had five guest speakers namely Bogs Peralta from Balungao Integrated Bio-Organic Farm, Arnel Corpuz from Adelaide River Farms, Atty. Joseph Tayao from Victa Ranch, Martin Gomez from the Federation of Cattle Raisers Associations of the Philippines (FCRAP) and Rancho Consuelo, as well as Alfonso Serrano from Bionova Livestock Group himself. Each segment delved deep into various aspects of cattle raising, including assessment, preparation, health, and nutrition, as well as genetics and biotechnologies in the future of cattle farming.

DIY is not always the best way

As one of Bionova’s latest partners in highlighting the importance of farm assessment and evaluation in preliminary farms that wish to improve on productivity and production, Mr. Bogs Peralta shared his customer journey with Bionova. In the pursuit of testing the waters into his family’s cattle farm business straight out of college, this millennial was eager to prove himself, doing things the best way he knew how. 

However, Peralta shared the setbacks of approaching a new challenge from just his point of view. Indeed, as it became a passion he worked hard to improve on, it was necessary to seek output from industry experts to turn his cattle journey around. With the help of Bionova’s Farm Assessment and Evaluation (FAE) program, Peralta’s farm, Balungao Integrated Bio-Organic Farm, gradually started to improve and show potential with proper facilities set and new mechanisms put in place. 

Peralta closed off the first segment with tips for the viewers, highlighting the need to focus on producing the right product for customers to function co-dependently without compromising the services you’re both providing as suppliers and customers. “Start small, dream big” is still a good mantra to go by and is something Peralta advises the viewers not to shy away from because it’s all still possible. 

For the service of the Filipino Farmer

The second segment was led by Mr. Arnel Corpuz, otherwise known as “Ka-Arnel”, who took the time to talk about the importance of health and nutrition in cattle raising. With an inspiring career in agriculture, the 2014 Bagong Bayani Awardee started his career in the sugarcane industry, then onto the cattle industry in 1994 as a janitor, and eventually made his way to Australia to further his knowledge in feedlot management.

As the current COO of Adelaide River Farms, Ka-Arnel discussed the need for the Filipino farming community to see the new ways on how to add value to raising cattle as a profession. He reiterated the primary goal to “produce a kilo of beef at the lowest cost” while stressing that the proper utilization of feed ingredients and agricultural by-products play a role in the overall productivity of a small to medium-sized farm. 

Corpuz also talked about stabilizing animals’ energy intake to achieve the maximum potential of milk production, a significant feat to note for dairy farmers just getting into the business. As a pillar of hope for many aspiring and active cattle raisers in the community, he closed the segment with a heartfelt message, “I am always here to help the Filipino farmers,” which just goes to show that a passion turned into service is one that bodes well in the long run.      

Cattle farming is a life-long learning experience

Another speaker that graced the webinar with his presence was Atty. Joseph Tayao from Victa Ranch. With eight years of experience in the field, Atty. Tayao’s cattle journey started with sheer interest that grew into a life-long learning experience. In his effort to invest in a productive farm, Atty. Tayao shared a few lessons he deemed essential for those who wish to shift from pig raising to cattle raising. 

“Food security should be considered as a facility; your forage plantation is essential” Atty. Tayao adds. This fundamental principle in cattle raising will help backyard farmers understand that each successful aspect of a farm creates a ripple effect on management practices, facility maintenance, and a farm’s ability to sustain itself, especially during rough seasons. 

He also stressed the need to consider making the farmworkers’ lives more convenient and not just animals. To stay consistent in maintaining the farm, the staff should not only be trained but also be provided with concrete support. Atty. Tayao ended his segment with a few tips on how to stay goal-oriented in cattle raising.  

  • Assess your goals and capabilities.
  • Build facilities based on your operational goals and capacities.
  • Consider the area or location of your farm.
  • Act on your observations from the pandemic.

Going for the Jugular 

The president of the Federation of Cattle Raiser’s Association of the Philippines (FCRAP), Mr. Martin Gomez was the fourth speaker for the webinar wherein he touched on the significant role of genetics. As a co-owner of Rancho Consuelo, Gomez also talked about his techniques on efficient and cost-effective ways of cattle breeding. 

Based in Laguna, Gomez who is a pioneer in the cattle industry of the Philippines has been a long advocate for brahman breeding. His segment was one of the more interesting portions of the webinar wherein he elaborated on his iconic mantra “select the best, cull the rest”, which garnered quite the viewers’ attention. 

Gomez was particular about the concept of a breed plan wherein scientific data analysis has the potential to guide cattle farmers in making smart decisions beyond just the typical “look-see” approach. He stressed that the fertility in herds is the best point of index to consider when making a breed plan. He closed with poignant advice, “be ruthless in your selection because it’s the only way to improve.”

Biotechnology has a place in the Philippines’ cattle farming journey

Bionova’s very own CTO, Alfonso Serrano took the time to share a deeper understanding of his years of experience in South America. He holds expertise in cattle reproduction wherein he pointed out the strength of the brahman breed in commercial farming in the Philippines.

Serrano also stressed the significance of the Fixed Time Artificial Insemination and Gynecological Ultrasound when it comes to improving your herd’s reproductive productivity. Intensive breeding was also discussed during his segment wherein he stressed its alternate effects in heifers and bulls. 

The CTO of Bionova closed the segment with insights on how biotechnologies can pave a path for the Filipino cattle community. He also encouraged the young members of the cattle community, as well the active students in the field, to explore more opportunities in cattle management since it’s a proactive approach to immersing themselves in a field that boasts a ton of potential.

Breed Better with Bionova

Bionova caps off the year with another knowledge sharing session via its Facebook page. The webinar was joined by various followers of the page and other members of the cattle community. The Livestream event was a success with an estimated 2,200 views, with viewers who took the time to tune in from UAE, Canada, and London

“Doc Ix” closed the webinar with vet-certified tips on proper planning and management of farms. While “Elly Ranchera” shared the exciting news on a new “masterclass” that will give viewers something to look forward to in the coming new year. 

Bionova is eager to grow with fellow cattle community members, as well as those planning to dive into the business with a more interactive approach to innovative reproductive solutions. To explore more opportunities and gauge the potential of your small or commercial farms, visit the Bionova Facebook page or shoot us an email at today!

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