#KeepGrowing Video Series: An Inside Look on ARB Livestock Farm’s Bionova Journey

In an effort to adhere to people’s hearts and firmly establish the significant role of dairy farmers in the cattle industry, Bionova Livestock Group introduces the #KeepGrowing campaign. With this video series, we aim to not only show what lies in the process of dairy farming to the average Filipino, as well as to the cattle community but to also lay down the fundamentals of cattle care.


July 3, 2020, San Jose, Del Monte, Bulacan — This first episode gives you a glimpse of what ARB Livestock Farm owned by Mr. Allan Baluyut has endured throughout his farm’s operations despite being in the middle of a pandemic. Bionova has been an ally in Mr. Baluyut’s cattle journey and has performed two successful sessions of Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) on his dairy cows. Milk production has been consistent in spite of the gradual decline in milk distribution due to COVID-19 forcefully shutting down businesses.

With the Philippines and the rest of the world continuously making their lives work due to the havoc COVID-19 wreaked, the challenge to even just get by in different parts of the country remains prominent. At the forefront of our struggles lie the hardworking men and women who although are quite distant from the metropolitan bustle, find ways to bring us the sustenance we need while paying it forward.


An Effort to Empower the Frontlines

With excess milk just going to waste, Mr. Baluyut, together with the Luzon Dairy Cooperative’s initiative, decided to process the milk and give it to the frontline workers in Bulacan instead. A lot of factors go into recovering a farm’s regular production pace and missing the mark during breeding season could be a huge setback. Since partnering with Bionova and availing of its Gynecological Ultrasound and Fixed Time Artificial Insemination, the process of determining the pregnancy of cows on the farm boasts more efficiency and poses cost-effectiveness in its operations.


Amidst the struggle that a pandemic brings, be it a lockdown, closure, or suspension of small businesses, the challenge to adapt and move forward remains intact. Dairy farming, and cattle farming in general, is often overlooked and with the potential of many farms continuing to be stifled due to such challenges, the need to think bigger and work smarter is prevalent. Moving forward and adapting to the “new normal” that COVID-19 brings, should not mean hesitating to build sturdier bridges but instead, staying open to new partnerships, and solidify existing ones, while staying the course and just #KeepGrowing

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