Who We Are

Bionova Livestock Inc is one of the first companies in the Philippines to bring the best biotech practices to the cattle industry. It was raised from the vision of providing high-quality products and services for the Filipino cattle raisers. We believe that modernizing livestock farming will achieve a deeper understanding in herd management resulting to an increase the cattle productivity. With our determination to deliver profitable growth to the livestock industry, we have committed ourselves to enhance animal health, nutrition, and reproduction to designing farm facilities for the well-being of cattle.

The livestock industry plays an important role in the Agricultural and Food Security sectors. In fact, the Philippines is one of the countries with high importation rates of 95% for dairy products and approximately 88,000 tons of meat every year. It is part of our sustainable strategy to meet the growing local demands of the market. Our goal is to promote our streamlined supply chain in making beef and dairy accessible to the market providing Filipinos adequate supply of food resources.

Our Mission

Client Service

We are driven to provide world class solutions to our clients by cultivating long term relationships and enabling clients to achieve a profitable cattle farming.

Efficiency in
Cattle Production

We aspire to improve the efficiency and productivity of cattle farms by providing high-quality products and services to farmers in order to produce high quality cattle.

Now Growing
Cattle Raisers

We are fully supporting the farmers in providing a sustainable livelihood by putting them at the heart of the supply chain.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in making substantial transformations in the livestock industry through integrating innovative solutions into the cattle productions, aside from providing a sustainable growth for the country and making beef and dairy accessible to the Filipino market.





What we provide