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We’re breeding cattle to be better cattle – and we’ve got the genetic tools to help you do it too.

About Us

“Bionova comes from the words ‘bio’ meaning life, and ‘nova’ meaning new. We metaphorically and literally give the livestock industry ‘new life’ as agricultural lands become more operational and productive, and livestock farmers become more knowledgeable and profitable.”

– Alfonso Serrano, President & CTO

Our Core Services

We guide cattle raisers towards having a more efficient operation and sustainable production
through modern farming practices and using biotech.

Farm Assessment & Recommendation

A farm visit is a great way to get to know your operation and what you're working with. We'll put together a report with our findings and recommendations to help you run your farm more efficiently.

Reproductive Ultrasound
in Cattle

The ultrasound can improve the reproductive efficiency of your herd. We'll provide you an accurate diagnosis of pregnancies, reproductive abnormalities, fetal sex, age, and more.

Fixed Time Artificial Insemination

FTAI is a cost-effective biotech that can help you achieve one calf per cow every twelve months. We'll improve your herd genetics, establish breeding & calving seasons, and more.

Farm Consultancy & Monitoring

The BEEF Program will guide you in establishing and enriching your farm operations. We'll design a consulting and cattle management program tailored to your needs and objectives.



Includes our core services that will help you plan, monitor, and assess to ensure your farm is not only keeping productive but also maintaining consistent farm-keeping practices
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Includes a variety of high-quality products used in cattle raising operations that fit the needs of dairy and beef farmers like ultrasound machine, hormones, heat detection patches, semen straws, and dairy equipment among others
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We bring modern breeding practices using biotech to help you achieve
the goal of producing one calf per cow every twelve months.

We're here to help you succeed in your farm business.

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